・Don’t you think pointer range is too severe??
I was also worrying about it….but if you could go on to the ending by just clicking everywhere for no reason, it would be meaningless for you to play, wouldn’t it?
If there is a place where is very suspicious, “Reaction” for clicking will be given by means of “hero’s talking” or “making a different sound”.
In addition, pointer range is at the top of the finger, so please be aware of it and slowly click. Don’t be rush!

・If I successfully come on to the end, what I am going to get?
…Oh…Well….you can see the ending :p
…and…after the ending, you can leave your name on the conqueror’s list…
That’s about it…sorry, nothing like special gift is waiting for you. :p

・Hey! Isn’t it impossible to imagine using this item in this way???
Even if you didn’t see any hints, you could get items by accident.
Not every item is used as the way it is supposed or designed to be used, but hints are certainly provided for those items.
Just play carefully, and you will know.

I have no idea what game’s title/story is all about.
Oooooo……don’t even think of it!!!!
The title and story are came from a cartoon I drew before.
But I did not put any details on purpose in order for each person to have different impressionJ

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