If you come to the question, “what a heck is Visual Novel Mystery Game?”, forget about it. It is a genre of the game that I myself made of :p
It is kind of a game within the self vision of the screen, you need to search items, use items, solve the puzzles, and solve the mysteries. (details of how to play are described below in “How to Play “) I believe this kind of game is one of the basic styles, which has been there for centuries. There recently have been some creators making the same kind of games using Flash, so I also wanted to try one:)

What you will need to see the ending of this game:
Not to overlook anything ::Observation
Sometimes eccentrically, sometimes obediently ::Conception
Clarify regularity and encrypted messages ::Calculation
And, a little bit of ::Knowledge of miscellaneous matters

Now let’s see how smart you can be. :p
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