・Basic operation is “Click”.
While you are playing, only operation you need to do is clicking except for when you are asked to type in a password.
Dragging and Double-clicking are also not used.

・First, you need to look for items.
Only when you click on a usable item, you can get it. If it is not a usable item, then you cannot get it.
Once you obtained an item, it would be displayed on the left-top of the screen. You can stock items as many as you want.

・Using an item at an appropriate place.
If you click, not drag, on an item in stock, mouse pointer will hold it.
While mouse pointer is holding the item, you might click on a place you wish to use its item.
If and only if you are clicking on the right place with the right item, you will be able to use the item.

・Listen to what hero says.
When you click on something, hero will talk to himself.
What he says will be shown at the bottom of screen, which sometimes gives a very important hint for you to go on.
Listen to it and think of it carefully, then do something!
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